hi, I’m Katya!

Is there anything better than to share joy with humans who love you?

I’ve photographed over 1000 couples and families – and I’m convinced, this oxytocin-rich connection IS what will save the world.

As for my story …

Before moving to Costa Rica, our family lived in Dominican Republic for 10 years. Our first 3 babies were born there, and this 4th one came earthside surrounded by Costa Rican jungle.

Life feels so full of possibility and wonder, as we’re navigating a beautiful co-parenting partnership with Rob and building a homestead in the lush rolling hills of Diamante Valley, Costa Rica.

We take on a limited number of portrait sessions a year. Book a Discovery Chat to talk about yours.

In 20 years’ time … how will you look back on your love?
Will you say “I’m so glad these moments are perfectly preserved”?

We combine our award-winning photography with everything we’ve learnt about psychology of human connection & what makes moments … memorable.

Expect surprises, adventure, delighted giggles, happy tears (and sometimes things get hotttt!)