Celyna & Jesse are some of THE most beautiful humans that exist on this good earth: kind-eyed, loving, sweet-natured, generous, and grateful, for every ‘thing’ big and small. That must be the formula to being such a harmonious Couple, beautiful inside and out. These sweethearts met at a party and spent a few years being friends. “We fell in love while spending a summer together. Jesse & I travelled to Europe together for five weeks and the rest is history!!” smiles Celyna. Jesse adds, “… and I’ve been falling more and more in love with her each day since.”

The mountains hold a special place in their hearts, so majestic Banff was an obvious choice.

Celyna: “The Rimrock Resort was fantastic, they were very accommodating and made the whole process as stress-free as possible.” 

Dearest Celyna & Jesse, we pray that you never stop being YOU … because together, you are pure MAGIC!!!! Keep spreading Light & inspiring those around you – just by being your awesome selves. Looking forward to seeing your your love grow! Warmest hugs & kisses, Katya, Rob & baby Zion.
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Top three things Celyna loves about Jesse: “Oh gosh… how can I pick only three!!! I love his heart – he is the most loving, giving, and generous man ever in life ever. I love his sense of humor – we spend most of our days laughing together thanks to him being goofy, his awesome one-liners and his ability to make light of almost any situation. Third…I love how well he can empathize with people (me) – you will never find a better shoulder to cry on!”

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Top three things Jesse loves about Celyna: “Her smile, her caring for others, and her soul… a perfect human being.”

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Hair & make-up by the talented ‘Pretty Haus’ (based out of Calgary).

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Celyna & Jesse’s touching ceremony was performed by Celyna’s father, Brian. He is a professional officiant and I can confidently say … he was the BEST we’ve EVER heard!!!! (email him: banff outdoor wedding

Celyna on the Proposal:

“It was AMAZING! We had a trip planned to the mountains after Christmas to go skiing with our friends but as it turned out that was just a cover up by Jesse! He had planned a surprise trip to New York City – somewhere I have always wanted to go!!! I opened my gift on Christmas morning and it was a Christmas ornament of the Waterford Ball that drops in NYC on NYE. I thought it was just a pretty ornament but that was my ‘hint’. We left three days later!! On our second evening in NYC, we went skating at Rockefeller Square – there was Christmas music playing, Christmas lights up on the beautiful famous tree, and as when we stopped to take a photo he proposed! There were around 700 people watching and cheering us on – it was wonderful and romantic and perfect AND we have the whole thing on video!! I have relived that moment about ten thousand times! After that we continued to skate around, and enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies. We stayed in New York to celebrate New Years Eve and stood in Times Square with 1 million other people!”

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Jesse: “My first birthday we celebrated together, Celyna surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas where I did everything on my Las Vegas bucket list! That was the best gift.”

Celyna: “My favourite gift from Jesse is our beautiful baby rescue dog, Mya.”

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Ideal day together according to Celyna: “Wake up early and enjoy a nice breakfast together. Take our baby for a long walk. Do yoga together. Watch a documentary. Cook one of our favorite meals and go for a cruise with our pup! The day would finish with a nice long snuggle!”
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Ideal day together according to Jesse: “Sleep in till 9ish, relax and watch TV for an hour, have a nice breakfast at home, take our pooch for a walk, a nice Italian supper, catch a flick at the theater, maybe go for a cruise in a hot rod (if we had one) before going home.”

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Most romantic memory together according to Celyna: “We spent a month in Italy together and the first night that we arrived we asked our concierge where a nice place to get dinner would be. He told us that they had a rooftop patio so we figured we would give it a try. It was AMAZING. We could see all of Rome, the sun was setting, there was a musician playing acoustic guitar… To top it all off, the restaurant had the best food! It was our most delicious meal on the whole trip. We spent the evening drinking sangria together and watching the sun go down in Rome.”

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Most romantic memory together according to Jesse: “I agree with Celyna. That first evening in Rome! The pasta, sangria, sunset and live music …  It was not only the most romantic memory but also the best meal we had!!”

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Jesse’s favourite guilty pleasures: “Chips and movies.”creative banff wedding photos

Celyna’s favourite guilty pleasures: “Coffee with St Remys… Bubble baths… Wearing my pajamas all day…”

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Celyna: “My life is much happier because of Jesse. I don’t take life as seriously and I spend so much more time smiling, laughing, and enjoying each day. I also like to think I have one or two good jokes up my sleeve now.”

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Celyna: “If I am ever upset or irritated, Jesse will always listen to me vent and then he will usually crack a few jokes to make me smile. He is never shy about offering to rub my back or pour me a bubble bath… Or better yet, rub my back in the bath!”

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Jesse: “If I am ever upset or irritated, Celyna is great at letting me vent, then we would lay down together and she’d scratch my head.”

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Celyna: “If Jesse had magical powers, he would be able to talk to animals.”

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Jesse: “If Celyna had magical powers, she would have extreme strength so she can fulfill her yoga dreams and also finally beat ME up for a change.”

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Together, they’ve been to: “England, Scotland, Italy, Las Vegas a couple times, New York, Mexico a few times, many trips to BC and the mountains… We love to travel!!”

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Celyna: “I really appreciate how ‘gentle’ he is with me. He always makes me feel comfortable and loved just for being ‘me’. And his sense of humor is SUPER appreciated at all times! What a treat to be in love with someone so hilarious!”

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Jesse: “No matter what we are doing, we are always laughing and having fun. I love that so much about our relationship.”

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Celyna’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “Fresh fruit of any variety…. and Jarlsburg cheese.”

Jesse’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “Freshly squeezed orange juice.”

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Jesse: “When Celyna and I first starting dating she kept trying to ‘pick a nickname’ for me. She didn’t realize at the time that whenever she said my name she would call me ‘Jessedoo’. I reminded her of the “doo” part and from that point on she calls me Doo and I have called her ‘Dew’.banff rimrock resort wedding

Jesse: “I love that Celyna keeps me grounded, I always love coming home. She never lets me go to sleep upset, we are always having fun!”

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First dance: “Mango Tree” by ZacBrown Band.

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Most memorable moments from the Day?!

Jesse: “Seeing Celyna come around the corner with her big smile and saying our little “hi” to one another. The Rolls Royce that Celyna surprised me with. Walking down that trail in Banff and taking our photos. Enjoying the dance with friends and family was also great. Retreating back to our room together was fantastic after a long day.”

 Celyna: Our little special “hi” to each other when I came around the corner to walk down the aisle. Our walk down the trail for our photos. The picnic by the river, just the two of us. Watching Jesse’s reactions to my surprises for him. The garter toss!”

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

No regrets! We honestly wouldn’t change a thing. Our day was perfect and was truly the best, happiest and most perfect day ever in life ever.”

What inspired your colour palette / decorations / any DIY elements / any unique details or traditions?

We chose a ‘sunflower’ theme because they are such a happy, joyous, and warm flower. They are summery but also feel like fall and we felt like it was a perfect theme to have for our end-of-summer wedding.”

Any advice for future Brides/Grooms?!

ENJOY planning! The time of your life is right ahead of you – your wedding will be perfect!”

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