Please enjoy this beautiful beach boudoir session photographed at Dreams Punta Cana all-inclusive resort. Diana is from New York city and reached out to us while on vacation. She decided to treat herself to an intimate portrait session, to celebrate her radiant beauty and feminine power. Ah, I wish more women would do this for themselves!!
I’d like to remind everyone that our bodies can be beautiful at any shape & size. The main factor is to be healthy & love the skin you’re in,” Diana beams, dusting sand off her body. “Actually, sand got into places where sand should never be, haha! But it was totally worth it,” she adds.

“My shoot was quite intimate but NOTHING could have stopped my inner goddess from shining through. For all the couples and/or ladies who are considering hiring a photographer in Punta Cana, Katya Nova (and Rob!) are so genuine & real that I immediately was drawn to them upon their arrival. There are no words to describe the journey that Katya & Rob will take you on!”

Have you ever thought of booking a Punta Cana Boudoir or Intimate Portraits session? Many of our destination Brides say it’s one of the highlights of their experience with us … these portraits make an amazing gift for their Beloveds, but even moreso, it’s a priceless keepsake for the women themselves. Can you imagine looking back at these in 30 years?! 

Diana, you ARE a radiant goddess, thank you for sharing your magic with us!!!! Hope you come back and visit us soon! LOOOOOOVE, Katya & Rob.

Keisa Heath

Do you still photograph in Punta Cana? If so, I wanted to inquire about a boudoir shoot or underwater shoot.

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