Our dear friend Felipe is like our guardian angel in Punta Cana…

Rob & I first got to know him when he helped us find our dream Cap Cana apartment last spring. We quickly became friends and since then, he’s been an irreplaceable part of our lives, our family.

This one time, on our way to a WEDDING, we ran out of gas on the highway because our usual gas station didn’t have gas (yep, I know, welcome to DR!) – Felipe dropped everything he was doing and came over to help us. That wasn’t the only time, either. We’ve lost count of the times he’s picked us up from the airport… the times he’s bailed us out of a crummy situation because we didn’t know enough Spanish, the list goes on!

Here’s one of those precious times we’ve been able to thank him and give back – a family session at Cap Cana’s Juanillo Beach. Meet his gorgeous fiancee Viviana, their daughter and adorable princess Sophia, and Robin, the tender giant puppy who’s trained to carry his own leash!

Love you guys and can’t wait for your wedding! xoxo

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I love you so fukng much both of you are thé best thank you for all the photos.

Love and come back soon.

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