We loooooooove Canadian mountain weddings. Truly, these feel like the ultimate destination weddings to us, since we spend 8 months out of the year in the Caribbean!

Rob & I realized that Janna & Jeff’s Big Day promised to be a very unique treat … especially when Janna wrote to us before leaving for their Corbin, British Columbia family cabin: ‘I will be driving there on Sunday and Jeff will follow on Wednesday when the meat is ready.’ Hehe. She followed that up with these directions: ‘once you turn off the highway, it’s about 25 km. There are very few places up there so you won’t miss us. Oh, and there’s no cell phone service.’


Janna, on the proposal: ‘We were at our cabin and the neighbor had called us over to try out a drink concoction that she had made and the ring was tied to a shot glass. I drank my shot and didn’t even notice the ring.’  🙂

We arrived to the property the evening before, to scout locations and meet Janna & Jeff for a couple of beers. Little did we know, we were in for a quad ride around the area – Budweiser’s in hand, clean mountain breeze and the soft setting sunlight in our faces. Oh yeah.

Janna & Jeff are so open-hearted, accepting, hilarious, and … so good at being themselves. They could set anyone at ease, make anyone feel welcome. It was an overwhelmingly touching sight to see an entire field near the cabin filled with dozens of trailers – friends and family from all over who came down to camp and celebrate their love.


Janna & Jeff’s favourite way to spend the day together: ‘That’s a no-brainer. Quadding or snowmobiling in the mountains!’

Janna & Jeff’s beautiful baby girl Jessa, getting pampered with a bath in the morning sun before the nuptials. 

Top three things Janna loves about Jeff: ‘he is very funny, loyal, and very outgoing.’

The guys get together for ‘pre-wedding’ beers.

Top three things Jeff loves about Janna: ‘i love how outdoorsy she is, she has a strong work ethic and doesn’t require romance.’ 🙂 

Gorgeous ceremony set up in the forest. 

‘Neither of us love romance,’ chuckle the newlyweds… But I did manage to get a couple of fave romantic memories out of them!

Janna: ‘I do recall this Valentine’s Day coming home from work with my favourite supper cooked, my first roses from Jeff (ever) and he drew hearts on rice crackers for dessert (I was on a diet). 

Jeff: ‘Definitely climbing a mountain on our snowmobiles together.’

Jeff’s favourite gift from Janna: ‘when she filled my toolbox full of tools. Literally. (Our first Christmas).’

Janna’s favourite gift from Jeff: ‘A necklace that he bought for me. It was a complete surprise.’

Janna: ‘I appreciate Jeff’s loyalty the most.’  … Jeff: ‘I appreciate the lack of princess Janna has in her’ 🙂

Our dearest Janna & Jeff – thank you SO much for showing us your favourite place in the entire world and treating us like family on your AMAZING and uber-unique Wedding Day. You two ROCK. Wishing you so much joy, love, and {unromantic} happiness!!!!! xoxoxoxo K+R. 

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Penny Johnson

Wow, the sneak peak is breathtaking! It was so great to meet you both and I had a sense that Janna and Jeff had made a wonderful choice in photographers…and they did!! Penny

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