i woke up this morning to another intimate portraits / couples boudoir post deleted for not following community guidelines.

this one:

couples boudoir black and white intimate portraits punta cana nj 1

i’ll try to do better next time, instagram.

but really, I’m so fucking sad. sad that human connection and human skin are offensive.

sad because we can raise our fist at instagram and facebook, but unfortunately, this accurately reflects society at large – disconnected from our bodies, shamed for our sexuality, terrified of feeling.


since rob & i decided to retire from shooting weddings and re-committed to creating authentic, emotionally touching intimate portraits of people, i’ve felt so inspired and empowered. couples are reaching out and flying out to see us – wanting to be seen and captured. on their journeys of loving each other (and themselves) better.

i, too, am still uncovering layers of cultural conditioning and shame, around my own body and sexuality. i had to drop everything this morning (and put on a netflix nature show for the boys) so that i can share this with you – just so i wouldn’t stay ‘freeze’ mode.


the last couple of weeks have been (wonderfully) nuts. rob & i photographed several skîn to skîn portrait sessions, one of which was a lesbian couple, and another was a throuple (yep, the three of them stayed at a punta cana resort in one room and went on romantic dinners, and raised a lot of eyebrows!) i loved the challenge and the experience. rob & i showed up with some cold champagne. and a baby in a sling 🙂

the image above was taken at this super cool rooftop suite at a resort called ocean el faro in punta cana, dominican republic. the best thing about it: the beach to the left is completely empty, virtually untouched nature! the sun sets behind the mountains, so the sunset light is spectacular. i’m already dreaming about going back there.

i’ll share more images from the series later (with permission), but for now … here’s another image that would probably break the internet and banish me to social media hell. but i looooooooooove it and the three people in it are obsessed with it and want to hang it in their home.

throuple threesome lifestyle intimate portraits

and maybe you’re raising your eyebrows, and that’s okay.

we’re all human beings looking for a way to get the most we can out of this short time we have to be alive.

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