Wow, I don’t even know where to start. Not too long ago, in one of our recent posts, I was bragging about how amazing our wedding couples are and how perhaps, we attract them with our mad loving vibes. When it comes to Amy – I wholeheartedly admit I could drop everything and backpack around the world with her… or, if I gave myself a moment to daydream, I could imagine a childhood where we were best friends. Amy & Matt are the light of expanding consciousness, the kind that makes our planet a better place. You think I’m layin’ it on thick? Nope! I really mean it! 🙂

Amy laughs about their first encounter: ‘I was bartending at Hudsons. Matt arrived with his entourage – swept in for all of seven minutes. I saw this handsome lumberjack right away – I feel like as soon as he walked in he was looking me straight in the eye proclaiming that he ‘had to take me for coffee.’’ Sure enough, minutes later, Matt slipped her a note with his number and a note, ‘you’re beautiful.’ Their first date was at the driving range. The evening continued on the rainy patio of ‘Skinny Legs & Cowgirls,’ where they chatted non-stop.

She knew it was love when, sitting on her bed in the ‘Annamoe,’ overlooking the Victoria golf course and ‘talking away sleepy summer afternoons’ and Matt would say, ‘let’s breathe this in, remember everything about this moment.’ Perfect.

Both Amy & Matt are so eloquent and juicy with their words, I can’t help sharing their versions of the proposal here:

Amy: ‘Day 3 of 6 on the West Coast Trail, walking into Cribs Creek Camp – Matt is being a bit funny, we make our one pot chicken cashew… wash up our dishes in the creek… of course, Matt accompanies me to the outhouse, bless his heart! Anyways… thinking about it now is so funny. He asks me to go watch the waves on this beautiful expanse of rock. We sit and watch the sun dip down below the ocean, listening to the roar of the waves crashing against the reef. Matt is being sweet, saying a bunch of lovely things about us, life, so reflective – I don’t think much of it until he kneels in front of me and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him – to grow old with him, to make a family together. All is tears and love and joy – and no contact with the outside world for 3 more days. It was our glorious little secret. Sublime.’

Matt:  ‘Having a ring and a million opportunities to propose as we hiked the Trail was so painful.  I really wanted it to be perfect! Sitting with her on that rock and looking over the ocean was incredible but every minute that passed, the more nervous I was, and the perfect words that I had in my head were drifting away. The ring that I had made was sitting in the waistline of my shorts, preventing me to go to one knee – so I awkwardly got down on both knees. My voice was shaking and the stuttering was uncontrollable.  I asked Amy if she wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and make babies with me.  There was not one smooth thing about my proposal but I wouldn’t change it for the world!’

Their wedding was an intimate backyard gathering in Amy’s grandparents’ back yard. Now, ‘back yard’ is a modest term for the stunning and vast lush green property, which Amy transformed, with the help of dedicated friends and family, into a Bohemian / Country inspired feast (for the eyes and belly!) Amy & Matt wanted it to be as ‘chill’ as possible, but make it feel magical at the same time.


Amy’s grandma admiring the wedding gown. 

Catering by Culina Restaurant – Edmonton’s finest. What a fantastic team, artful presentation and explosive, mouthwatering flavours!

In addition, two sets of delicious cupcakes graced the dessert table. One kind – by Amy’s aunt; and the other – by Amy’s grade 8 student who loves baking! You see, Amy is an Arts/French teacher and is adored by the students. Obviously.

Their gorgeous custom-made wedding bands. How unique is Amy’s ring?! LOVE.

Amy & Matt, thanks for introducing us to a new band we’re now obsessed with. During the party, we ‘shazam-ed’ ‘Breezeblocks’ by Alt-J. The entire album is pure genius. 

‘After our first date I knew Amy was the One! Every single day I wanted to spend with her. 10 months later we moved in together and started saving for a house.’

Soulful music by Matthew Dilts.

‘I love Matt’s heart. He has the most glorious and gentle heart. One that is genuine and true. He is the kindest spirit I know.’

I know. They are ridiculous! And – that’s not even the wedding dress. 🙂

 ‘I love Amy’s amazing heart. She will always put other people’s feeling before her own.  She works so hard to make sure people feel special. I also love when she kisses me about 50 times before she leaves for work.’

‘I could be in the worst of moods and Amy just has to act goofy and get me laughing.  She is the one who always gets us back to love mode.’

‘Matt helps me dream big – to let go of the reluctant voice and embrace the possibilities.’

A surprise gift from Matt before Amy walks down the aisle.

‘Matt is so patient with me. I am an emotional woman… I love that he celebrates this. When I am upset, the most amazing thing Matt does, is he sits with me – listens to me, looks me in the eyes and reminds me of what this life is all about, what is important. He puts it all into perspective.’

‘Amy makes me so confident about who I am. I feel like I’ve never been so comfortable in my skin.’ 

Gypsy-jazz sunset dance party in the field, with just a sprinkle of Prosecco to spook the clouds of mosquitos. 

‘I love her love for the simple things.  I know that she will stop me to point out something beautiful, or to remind me of how lucky we are.’

‘I love how Matt perceives the world – how he approaches life. He reminds me of what is important, keeps me grounded. We are ‘experience’ people, not ‘things’ people.’

I know wedding photographers are supposed to stay away from using adjectives like ‘epic‘ – but that sunset really was! Back in the tent, some touching speeches. Below, Amy’s younger sister Zoe and older sister Jacqueline deliver a killer one… bringing to light Matt’s appearance on the cover of an annual Firefighter’s Calendar (that sexy kind!) … 

… so much love their way.

P.S. And a very special hug to Amy’s mom, Bev. Thank you for your warmth and kindness. The apple indeed doesn’t fall far from the tree! xoxo

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Brenda Vincens

Once again…..You created magic!! Stunning!!

Waw… Such a great vibe in this post. This is beautiful!


What a gorgeous wedding! I love how you can get a sense of the couple from all their details. The food and drinks look delicious and I love the laid back feel of this wedding. Great pics once again.


This is the most beautiful wedding ever! Would they ever consider renting the space for another wedding?
I would love a backyard wedding, but don’t really know any one with a back yard that’s big enough or nice enough!



I cant stop looking at this beautiful wedding. I thought I would ask… for the fun of it, do you know if they would be interested in renting their beautiful property out?

Thank you,


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