I’m having a really tough time choosing words to describe Melissa & Chad’s amazing destination wedding. There was so much raw emotion, so much love you couldn’t help getting teary eyed, or getting goosebumps. All. Day. Long. To say these are truly beautiful human beings would be an understatement.
I’m still not sure how I feel about the dove-in-a-box, but ethical discussion aside, I must admit it was one of THE most beautiful and emotionally touching moments I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding ceremony, in almost an entire decade of photographing weddings! Scroll down and see for yourself, I won’t be surprised if tears well up in your eyes. 
Melissa & Chad stayed at Royalton Punta Cana with their beloved families, and the wedding took place at the gorgeous Jellyfish Restaurant.
 Warmest thank you to Olga K on hair & make-up mastery, the amazing Jellyfish team (honestly, this is not a wedding venue, but like our second home to Rob & I by now!) … and to Melissa & Chad: thank you sweethearts SO MUCH for being so loving and warm-hearted, we are smitten by your beautiful family and can’t wait for you to come back and visit! LOOOOOOVE, Katya & Rob. 

Chad proposed right in the middle of a photo session on the beach in Punta Cana! It made perfect sense for them to come back here for their Big Day.

Melissa & Chad are both from Boston, and met all the way back in high school.

Top three things Melissa & Chad love about each other: “the way we make each other laugh like no one else can. Our bond. We can tell each other any and every thing with out any feeling of judgement. Lastly, how we can get through any situation no matter how big or small together, always.”

In loving memory of Chad’s father. 

Favourite guilty pleasures: “Eating a whole package of oreos with milk. Together.”

Melissa: “His blue eyes. To me, they are irresistible.”

“Our favourite gifts? Definitely our our 2 beautiful children!”

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