It was SUCH an honour to be there for Sallye & Jess. I’ve been documenting weddings a loooooooong time and it never ceases to amaze me how two people can fit together so beautifully, artfully, perfectly. Universe, you work in mysterious ways.

These brilliant Goddesses know exactly what they want (in every aspect of life), and their gorgeous destination wedding at Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was no exception.

Sallye: “For me, it was really exciting to see how the venue came together the way I envisioned (which it did). To Jess, the fun part was figuring the right color combinations to create cohesiveness within the bridal party without knowing a thing about my dress.”

These sweethearts are from West Texas and Dublin, Ireland… now they live in Dallas, TX.

Honeymoon plans: “Vietnam and Cambodia.”

On falling in love:

Sallye: “We attended law school at the same time, but didn’t meet until years later through mutual friends. There was instant attraction, but it certainly took some serious convincing to get her to this point.”

Jess: “We had many mutual friends, surprising that we didn’t meet before we did – but once we met, Sallye was hard to forget!”

Our dearest Sallye & Jess! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing this incredible Day with us, and trusting us with all the romantic and quirky things. We’re already looking forward to drinks at Jellyfish on your anniversary, so you better come back and visit! xoxoxoxoxoxo Katya & Rob. 

My handsome Rob, workin’ it. I couldn’t resist – it’s pretty dang special to see him walking down this aisle with a wedding gown in hand, almost 6 years since our own Jelly wedding! 

Sallye’s fave gift from Jess: “my engagement ring.”

Jess’s fave gift from Sallye: “my watch, I wear it every day.”

As a kid, Sallye wanted to be a soccer player, and Jess wanted to pursue something in the business side of the arts. Sallye is a criminal defense attorney, and Jess is a corporate attorney.

Top three things Jess loves about Sallye: “Her spontaneity and zest for life – its magnetic, the way she doesn’t sweat the small stuff (I do enough of that for both of us) and her kindness to everyone around her.”

“The girls wore Jenny Yoo gowns and necklaces from Tiffany. The boys wore suits and ties by Calvin Klein and watches from Filson.”

Magical First Look before the guests arrive. 

Ideal day together according to Sallye: “J would actually have the entire day off and we would be somewhere on a patio for brunch/lunch (she probably would make me go do something errand like before or after which oddly makes her very happy when I join), then either grill out or order in with a movie, preferably outside at home.”

Ideal day together according to Jess: “Quiet morning together reading and chatting over coffee or mimosas, knock a couple things off the house to do list and then a good meal together (preferably out by the pool) with friends and lots of wine.”

Sallye on the Proposal:

“The proposal was incredible. Jessica doesn’t generally plan our trips, so I thought perhaps this was it. We flew into LA and I know she had wanted to drive PCH1 up the coast which seemed a little more personal to her than just a random trip since she grew up on the coast between LA and Santa Barbara. After driving around the town a little while we cut down the road right by the ocean and a beautiful beach. When we turned the corner, I saw the most gorgeous property I could have ever imagined. Once we made it to our room at the nicest hotel I have ever been to, I knew this was the night. Anyone who knows me would not be shocked that I rummaged the room while she was showering to see if there was evidence of a ring somewhere – but she knew me well, to no avail.

The next morning, I woke up at the same time she was headed for the gym and she offered to change it up to a walk since it was beautiful out. I put on my smiling, ‘I am not getting my proposal’ face and we proceeded to Butterfly Beach across from the hotel where Jess sat down next to me on the empty beach and proposed (for record purposes, she did not hit a knee). It was very sweet, I cried a lot, and then we just enjoyed the rest of our weekend there together.”

“Jess and the bridal party walked to I Can’t Help Falling In Love – performed by our handsome violinist and friend Bill Richmond who was his usual bad ass self and flew in for 36 hours to play the wedding.

My best man Jose walked me down the isle to 1000 years played by Bill.”

Most romantic memory together according to Sallye:The first time we went to the JellyFish on one of our first vacations and I could look around me, look at Jess and think this could be our place, I could marry this girl.”

Most romantic memory together according to Jess: “First vacation trip away together was in Punta Cana – spending the week together in beautiful surroundings.”

“I would consider all of our bridal party to be like a family member to at least one of us if not both. For both of us, our friends are extremely important and like family – they raised us and we raised them in some ways. We were so happy that people took time out of their busy lives and schedules to travel all the way there and share our special day with us.”

Sallye: “Two weeks into our relationship I broke my right collarbone and even though our relationship was new, she took such great care of me – since I was in a sling, she said I looked like a little bird with a broken wing. She has been calling me Bird ever since.”

Jess: “Sallye calls me ‘P,’ for panda (my favorite bear). Oddly enough, we almost never use our given names at home – its always P and Bird.”

First dance song: “First was She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley.

Sallye’s favourite guilty pleasures: “Trashy TV with a side of Chinese food (unless drinks after work count).”

Jessica’s favourite guilty pleasures: “Spending the whole day outside by the pool, reading and drinking.”

Sallye’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “a frozen pizza or a spare beer in the back when I think we are all out.”

Jessica’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “Cold bottle of favorite wine, cheese and olives.”

Sallye: “What I find sexy and irresistible about J … is her entire face an option? I can’t explain how I feel each time I see her, be it on her way down for coffee half asleep or out for a date night.”

Jess: “Eyes and smile – she uses a combination of both when she wants to be charming.  She also has killer legs.”

Sallye: “J has challenged me to grow up and push myself no matter how comfortable I might be with any facet of my life. She also keeps me grounded and pushes me in ways I don’t think I would’ve explored without her.”

Jess: “Sallye balances me out and reminds me to stop and appreciate it all, to savor the little moments and to prioritize the important people in my life. Also, I really appreciate Sallye’s kindness and loyalty, to me, her family and friends.”

When you are upset or irritated, what’s a way your fiancée can make you melt?

Sallye: “Say sorry if it is her fault, just spend some time with me and refocus my negativity into something positive if not.”

Jess: “She will bring up something ridiculous and I know she is doing it to get me out of my bad mood – but even though I know it is deliberate it typically works.”

Jess: “She has mad trivia skills – remembers most sports information and really surprising, the lyrics to most pop and rap songs.”

Sallye: “Jess can read a book or a person in ¼ of the time any normal person can.”

If your wife had magical powers, what would they be?

Sallye: “Flying.” Jess: “Flying.”


Most memorable moments from the Day / Wedding week?

“Seeing Jess for the first time the Day of and watching everyone make an ass of themselves on the dancefloor (self included).”

Do you have any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

“I would’ve stressed less about how it would look once we got there….would’ve been impossible to not be concerned, but the JF girls nailed it.”
What inspired you to have a destination wedding? How did you pick the right venue?

“We just wanted to do somewhere different than the norm and that was a place that was special to us from our first year as a couple.”

What inspired your colour palette / decorations / any DIY elements / any unique details or traditions?

“We are both pretty clean and modern, but since Jess is the picky one when it comes to clothing she gets all the credit for the palette overall and making the call on working grey and silvers in with it when I absolutely said it would not go.”

Comments about vendors, resort etc

Hard Rock Punta Cana – Awesome place to stay, gorgeous rooms… zero complaints from our guests about anything there. I would suggest asking them what conventions might be at the resort at the time of. We had about 4k people for a Thrive sales convention there and some of my guests got more than a few unsolicited sales pitches.

Katya Nova Photography – Hands down best! The best money we spent for the wedding.

Diego – They were so much fun, can’t wait for the video!”

How to stay on budget while still getting the wedding of your dreams … anything you feel comfortable sharing is tremendously helpful to other Brides!

“Get in the Facebook Group and find anything you can on Etsy!”
Communication: any challenges in keeping your friends & family informed about your wedding plans?

“We had a Wedding Website and it was honestly the easiest (followed by threatening texts).”
Any advice for future Brides? Any specific advice for same-sex Couples getting married in Punta Cana / Jellyfish?

“Don’t feel out of place if you are a same-sex couple… A. It’s your day not anyone else’s and B. I promise no one cares nearly as much as you think they would…. Don’t cut things like the first dance because you think it will be different (we almost did and I am very happy I was talked back into it).”

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