Being around Kathy and Rob feels like being around family. From homemade prosciutto to homemade grappa, being around their families feels much the same way! Their hearts are filled with such extraordinary kindness, it’s remarkable. And it’s in the little things. More Than Words.

The girls started their day at the Beauty Parlour (, a fantastic and chic hair salon that also happens to be environmentally conscious! 

I felt so privileged to hang out with the guys for a few minutes in the morning – I think I spent the whole time smiling and laughing till my cheeks hurt. I felt transported to a little European suburb, as I documented them gathering around an irresistible tray of homemade meats and cheeses laid out on the front porch. The highlight of the morning was a Croatian dance they performed right on the front lawn!

Arriving at the beautiful Sutton Grand Suite to a few empty bottles of champagne, I found the glowing ladies finishing up their make-up and putting the finishing touches on Kathy, who looked like she just walked off of a Bridal Vogue. Wow.  

Some minutes later, Kathy floated down the aisle on her brother’s arm, to ‘Unchained Melody.’ After the beautiful ceremony, I ran for my life to catch Kathy and Rob peaking out of the church doors… ‘Congratulations,’ I whispered, teary-eyed. 

We then had a blast at the Italian Centre, fueling up on frothy cappuccinos and sandwiches. Then I found gorgeous light by a nearby fountain and back alley!

The intimate ambiance of the reception room seemed to amplify all the emotions and joy, especially when the time for their first dance came – in the magical blue light and heavenly Il Divo voices, the bridal party surrounded the couple with … sparklers! 

Thank you so much for letting me document your love. I hope you will feel my love through these images…



Katusha, u tebya talant, these photos make me want to get married all over again!


Where was their ceremony and reception held!? beautiful locations

Thank you Kayla! This is Sutton Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta…

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