Erica & Joseph met through mutual friends in high school – she was just 16 years old when they started dating… and that was almost ten years ago. ‘I lived in Queens and Joseph in Manhattan, but that didn’t bother me,’ Erica remembers. ‘On Saturdays I would take the train all the way to Washington Heights and I as I got to his building my stomach would always get butterflies. I am so lucky to be marrying my best friend.’

When Joseph met Erica, he first fell in love with her eyes and then her personality. ‘After a few outings with friends and a few dates with her my attraction grew. As time went by I realized she was exactly what I needed in my life.’

Joseph proposed at a July 4th BBQ/Graduation Celebration for the graduates in the family, held at Erica’s parents’ house. By that time, they had been together for 6 years and she knew the ring was coming, but would never had guessed he would pick this day.  Erica recalls, ‘I have a very big family so I told Joseph to invite just his immediate family. When I saw other members of his family arriving I gave him a puzzled face… that’s when the music was shut off and EVERYONE started gathering around Joseph and I in the center of the yard.. He told everyone how much he loved me, went down on one knee and proposed! I love him for proposing that way. We had all of our loved ones there to share that moment with.’

Here’s their gorgeous destination wedding at Now Larimar Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Erica & Joseph – you are such a beautiful couple… your love is so exceptionally tender and your family values are truly an inspiration. So much love and happiness your way! xoxo K+R.

‘Erica gives me the balance and the direction I need. I always knew that behind every good man there is always a good woman. Erica is that good woman that is behind me 100 percent. I thank God every day for putting Erica in my path because without her I would be lost.’

Now Larimar Fountain Gazebo ceremony. 

 ‘Joseph has been through A lot in life. He is one of the strongest people I know. I love his honesty, and above all his patience…. especially with me!’ 🙂

‘I love Erica’s honesty, willingness to help others, and her determination when she sets herself to something.’

‘Joseph has taught me to be a more patient person with others and life in general. He always reminds me to take it easy. He always brings me back to reality and reminds me not to worry about the little things.’

‘Erica has given me stability and unconditional love. She has been my guide and has lead me to be a better person.’

Beachfront reception dinner at Castaways, Now Larimar. 

Perico Ripiao / merengue tipico band ‘Urbanda’

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