Kelly & Marcos met and fell in love on social media (gosh, remember MySpace?) after Kelly sent him an instant message. There were butterflies, tender words, plans for the future, and sweet promises. Just as they’d fallen in love, they were forced apart: Kelly was moving to Portugal, where her family is from… But the heart always wins, doesn’t it!? Kelly soon realized she couldn’t be without Marcos and moved back to the United States! “ … and so it was. I bought a ticket, left everything behind (including my family, friends, and school). We said I love you for the very first time and promised to never leave each other again.”
These sweethearts are truly worthy of this fairytale love story, which continues on our beautiful Caribbean island, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Kelly & Marcos chose stunning Ocean Blue & Sand all-inclusive resort for their Big Day, and their families flew from all over the world to join them. 
My personal highlights from our magical time with them: the insanely gorgeous pink sunset & their steamy sunrise Rock the Dress session. Also, watching their tenderness, passion, and unwavering dedication to each other. 
Kelly & Marcos, what an honour to get to know you and celebrate you!! We absolutely adore you and can’t wait for you to come back … hope you feel our LOVE in these images! XOXO Katya & Rob. 

3 things Kelly loves about Marcos: “I love his lips, the way he kisses me goodnight AND good morning and last but not least, I love that he always thinks about me first.”
3 things Marcos loves about Kelly: “her personality, how she’s so loving and caring, makes me laugh and gives me the best hugs anyone could give, makes me feel up when I’m down! I love the way she loves me.”

Ideal day together according to Kelly: “staying in our cozy home, watching movies, eating popcorn and cuddling!”
Ideal day together according to Marcos: “going out on a bike ride and enjoying the view along the way or traveling to unknown destinations.”

Kelly on the Proposal:
“The proposal was on Christmas Day, (Christmas is my all time favourite holiday) we were all over at my aunt’s house, on our annual Christmas gathering. My mom called me to the living room and Marcos had a tiny box wrapped. He sat me down and handed it to me and got down on one knee (he was totally nervous, I remember as he put his hands on his face and couldn’t even look up). I was so nervous and happy at the same time! After the proposal we all celebrated! It was perfect!”

Most romantic memory together according to Kelly: “when we traveled to Portugal to meet my side of the family. It was Marcos first time in Portugal. I took him to a beautiful beach in Algarve (Praia da Marinha), and we watched an amazing sunset and climbed to the highest point of the cliff.”
Marcos adds, “we stayed there for hours. It was incredible; just me and her with this breathtaking view and the ocean!”

Kelly’s favourite guilty pleasures: “Pizza, chocolate and nutella.”
Marcos’ favourite guilty pleasures: “Acai is my guiltiest pleasure of all time!”

Kelly’s favourite gift from Marcos: “My beautiful engagement ring, and my monthly anniversary written cards.”
Marcos’ favourite gift from Kelly: “A surprise trip to California!”

Kelly: “I couldn’t picture myself without Marcos in my life, he completes me! Even when I doubt myself, he shows me a reason not too!”

Kelly: “I absolutely love his eyes and his lips.”

Marcos: “Kelly has these two little dimples on her lower back … I absolutely love them!”

Kelly: “I appreciate every little thing in Marcos, he is incredible in every way. I could not picture life without him, especially my morning kisses!”
Marcos: “I feel the same way … having Kelly in my life makes it so much brighter. She makes me a better person, always!”

Kelly: “It melts my heart when Marcos gives me a hug from behind and I can feel his heartbeat!”


Most memorable moments?
“Watching everyone arrive! It made our hearts melt … so much love! Our family and close friends flew from all over: Luxembourg, Portugal, Brazil, USA..made us feel so special.
Also, just as we were about to be announced in our wedding party… Katya & Rob pulled us away to capture the most breathtaking sunset EVER!! We would do it all over again!!!”

Any regrets? What would you have  done differently if you could?
“No regrets!! Our wedding was more than we expected … everything went smoothly! At times I felt a bit scared to do a destination wedding: all the details running through my mind, what if I forgot something back at home? How will everything go? In the end all the little details don’t really matter. We felt SO LOVED, it made everything so worth it!”

What inspired you to have a destination wedding? How did you pick the right venue?
“I always wanted to have a destination wedding. I would dream of getting married on a beach with my toes in the sand. When we started wedding planning I told Marcos I wanted Punta Cana (our favorite vacation spot), and although he was hesitant at first, we eventually agreed and it was the best decision!
Ocean Blue & Sand: it had been our second time back visiting and we thought it would fit our needs and our guests as well.”

What inspired your color palette / decorations / any DIY elements / any unique details or traditions?
“We really wanted beach colors, so we went with light mint/white/beige/silver… and it came out amazing! Everything matched perfectly from our wedding invitations to our welcome letters and even our bridal party! We wanted to make sure our wedding looked simple and elegant at the same time and we nailed it!!” 
Comments about vendors, resort etc
“I LOVED ALL my vendors, we had a really good team, starting from our resort, Ocean Blue Punta Cana resort is a small resort that helped keep my family and friends together, so it was easy to find each other throughout the week. Our wedding planner was great and accepted all of our ideas and needs. Anna Nuet was simply amazing, she made all my girls look so fabulous and I felt like a princess! She was super funny and kept us going through the morning/afternoon.
Lastly, our AMAZING photographers Katya & Rob who knew just what to say at all times with the perfect words, music to make every moment so precious! Thank you!”

How did you stay on Budget?
“Staying on a budget was a challenge!! We had to pick and choose. For example, we either had great photographers or great videographers … and we choose photographers. We felt that if we had great photographs, that would make our dream wedding memorable. We can look back at pictures in 30 years and show our children. That to us was more important! We also choose a resort that wasn’t too pricey for our guests, but still had everything that we were looking for within our budget!
Also we saved a whole lot on flowers (flowers can be super expensive). We actually made our own arrangements for the bridesmaids (we bought baby’s breath at a local Punta Cana flower shop) & I had bought some burlap cord and made individual bouquets for my girls … this saved us some money!” 

Guest list: how did you narrow it down to a reasonable number?
“Oh boy!! Marcos and I both have hugeee families … back home when we had our couple’s shower I remember our list was 270 guests! I wanted a small/intimate wedding and we knew if we would have a wedding back at home it would be 300+ guests! This helped: we made a list and asked ourselves if 1. We spoke to them one a daily/monthly basis 2. Would we likely speak to them in 10 / 20 years … and that’s how we narrowed it down. We ended up with 60 guests: perfect!”

Communication: any challenges in keeping your friends & family informed about your wedding plans?
“Believe it or not.. this was a breeze for us!! Our guests were amazing. When we told them about the destination wedding plans, they all got excited and immediately started booking. We worked with an agency, who made sure everyone was on the same page. For family & friends in different countries, all we had to do is give them the information and that was it! The bridal party also had a group on “whatsApp” and we kept in touch on a daily basis. When guests started to arrive I had welcome letters and itineraries ready for them, they all loved it!”

Bridal buys?
“I got most of our wedding details on ETSY! From our unique invitations ( I really wanted something cool and that would stand out … we did boarding passes), our welcome letters, my veil, garter, flower girl basket, my favors, the goodie bags for the guests, my cake topper, foot jewelry, you name it. Etsy was “my go-to website.”

My wedding dress was  “Katie May -The Sienna gown,” since their store is located in the West coast, I was able to find a store in New York that carried her dresses – “Lovely Bride NY.”   (Advice for the future brides: make sure the dress is lightweight, so its easy to walk in the sand, plus it’s super hot/humid so a lightweight dress helps tremendously). The bridesmaids dresses were from “Lulus.”
The groom’s and groomsmen attire were from Macy’s.”

Were there any special heirloom pieces used?

“I wore a very special bracelet that Marcos gave me 7 years ago: a Tiffany bracelet that has a mint blue heart that I never take off ( that was my something blue). Also, my mother handmade our ring bearer pillow with our personalized letters and wedding date.”

Any advice for future Brides/Grooms!

“Time goes by SO FAST!! enjoy every moment and ignore the details you forgot or wanted to have. At the end of the day no one will notice and everything will turn out ok. I remember my biggest fear was rain… the day of the wedding it rained for about 5 min or so and it was fine, everyone laughed and even enjoyed it at the same time.
I remember Katya telling me “it will be over any minute now”  and it was! Punta Cana is a tropical place so even if it rains, enjoy it!! The pictures come out amazing, so cherish each moment with your friends and family. Most of them flew hundreds of miles to be with you and ONLY you, it’s a magical moment that you will KEEP for the rest of your life. Take a moment to look at you significant other and enjoy the wedding day TOGETHER!”
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