Hi, we’re Katya & Rob!

So this is us circa 2011. Since then, we’ve traveled the world, built a house here on the island, had 3 beautiful kids, endured many hardships, and photographed 1000+ couples!

We started out shooting weddings, but quickly became known for THOSE OTHER images, the ‘intimate’ ones. When people started flying to see us in Punta Cana just for this experience, we knew we were on to something very special!!

When we’re not creating gorgeous images, you can find us … recording a podcast about relationships & healing, practicing conscious parenting, chilling in our pool, or cooking spicy Thai curries.

truly ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience!!!

“It wasn’t really a photoshoot, but more like the coolest date we’ve ever been on. Such a roller coaster of beautiful emotions … we laughed, we cried, we fed each other pieces of the juiciest mango I’ve ever tasted, and we made out like teenagers, as the waves crashed against our bodies. The photos blew us away!! Really, we’ve never looked so happy and hot for each other! Now the hardest part is to choose the canvas for our bedroom wall. Katya & Rob have a true gift!!”

Jessica & Danny, Ohio

so nervous ... almost didn't book!

“I was so nervous because my husband & I can be quite awkward in photos. SO GLAD WE DID!!!!!! Look, I wasn’t able to lose all the baby weight for the bikini body I wanted, but Katya was so good and made me feel so comfortable and sexy. There was a part of the session when I felt really overwhelmed with emotion, I hadn't felt this connected and in love with JD in a long time. The sun was coming up, we’d just popped a bottle of cold prosecco, and Katya played this beautiful song on their speaker. Wow.
We just got our Beloved Book in the mail, and I cried. Every image is so gorgeous, like, IS THAT REALLY US?! So glad that I didn’t chicken out and booked this!!!”

Catherine & JD, New Jersey

my favourite photographs EVER taken of us

“My partner hates having his picture taken, and I planned this photoshoot as a surprise. It turned out to be the greatest thing that happened on our entire trip. He LOVED the experience, and said he never thought taking pictures could be so much fun. A miracle! I don’t know how Katya & Rob do it, but I’m forever thankful. Also, if you haven’t listened to their podcast Honey Talks, do it now! It’s literally life-changing and has made my relationship with Chris better.”

Alexa & Christopher, New York

In 20 years’ time … how will you look back on your love?
Will you say “I’m so glad these moments are perfectly preserved”?

We combine our award-winning photography with everything we’ve learnt about psychology of human connection & what makes moments … memorable.

Expect surprises, adventure, delighted giggles, happy tears (and sometimes things get hotttt!)

Want a little more backstory?

So … Rob & I moved to beautiful Dominican Republic back in 2011 and had our own Punta Cana destination wedding at Jellyfish Restaurant. At sunrise. It was magical. We quickly became one of the top sought after wedding & couples’ photographers in Punta Cana. At that time, most photographers were also offering beach “trash the dress” photo sessions. These usually involved the bride alone, rolling around in the sand. We began offering our own version of this, meant for newlywed Couples who wanted more relaxed, intimate, playful portraits that they would never be able to get on their wedding day.

Over time, these sessions evolved into something more special.

We started incorporating different fun experiences: everything from connection meditations, to prosecco spray fights, to making fresh guacamole right on the beach. Since Punta Cana is such a beautiful, romantic place, Couples in love started asking for honeymoon photo sessions, anniversary photo sessions, vow renewals, elopements (intimate weddings for two), and the occasional proposal. There are plenty of talented wedding photographers in Punta Cana, but people kept telling us we have a special gift for capturing how real couples are together … when no one is watching.

What do real couples in love do? Rob & I thought back to the most romantic and memorable times of our own relationship and realized this: our favourite times usually involved 1) being on vacation, somewhere beautiful and secluded, 2) watching a sunrise or a sunset, 3) with a nice bottle of wine, 4) with delicious and decadent snacks, 5) music we love. This inspired us to fine-tune the 2.0 version of the sessions we offer, which we now call Intimate Portraits or Island Adventure Sessions.

Our philosophy is, if you’re having the best time ever, of course the images are going to be amazing! We want to seduce your senses, and create an experience where you’ll fall more in love with each other (and this beautiful island).

Oh! One more thing.

Since we’re kind of obsessed with figuring out the secrets that make relationships strong, exciting, and full of passion … we’ve started a podcast called Honey Talks, where we talk about life-changing sex, parenthood, and healing through pleasure. It’s quite good. You should check it out.

And, come hang out with us.