Wow, Betsy & Danny, just WOW.

I keep staring at a blinking cursor, trying to find words to accompany these images … and it’s impossible to sum up the experience we had together. This wedding was seriously extraordinary. It was our second ever wedding at Pearl Beach Club (THIS was the first). Special thanks to Mayte Mari, who transformed the venue and took everything to the next level, as usual.

Now, a bit about the LOVE STORY:

“Daniel and I spent a lot of time together before we started dating. We rehearsed 2-3 times a week from 9pm-11pm, so he would drive me home after rehearsal. We would talk and tell jokes and slowly our friendship became something more, as we spent more and more time together. So it began with rides home, long conversations, having to trust him not to drop me on the floor in rehearsals – when we were doing stunts and him having to hold me very closely to ensure my safety. But he was still in the friend zone until he finally got the courage to kiss me! After our first kiss I knew our relationship was so much more. From that first moment I felt butterflies and excitement, but also peace and security, it was just perfect.”

What inspired you to have a destination wedding? How did you pick the right venue?

“We are both from the Dominican Republic and have always dreamed of getting married there. We had an excellent travel agent, Carol Ebua from Barefoot Bridal, she told us about all the different venues and options; we researched the venues, visited two of them, and agreed on Pearl with Mayte Mari as the planner. Perfect decision.”

Daniel: “The first thing that caught my eye was Betsaida’s beauty. Even though she had braces, to me she still was the
prettiest girl in the dance studio.”

Betsaida: “I love his smile. Daniel has such a great smile, it is warm and welcoming and it was one of the first things I first noticed about him when we were beginning to fall in love.”

Getting ready: Dreams Palm Beach resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 

Betsaida: “I really admire his calm and easygoing personality. I have literally never seen him stressed out. He takes his time with everything and is not bothered by anything or anyone! I’m always on the move with a list of “to dos” but Daniel is always there to remind me to slow down and enjoy the moment. A reminder I need quite often.”Isn’t this living green wall a piece of art?? Wow.

Ceremony & Reception: Pearl Beach Club, Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

What inspired your colour palette?

“My engagement ring color is rose gold, so we knew that was going to be the accent color in our palette. We researched colors that would go great with rose gold and that’s how we decided on blush pink with white and ivory for the decorations. For the bridesmaid attire, I chose blush pink because it compliments various skin tones and looks very sophisticated. Navy for the groomsmen because it is a neutral that looks formal and compliments blush pink well.”

Daniel: “On the Wedding Day, my favourite moment was it was the joy and excitement I felt when I first saw Betsaida in her wedding dress, at the altar. Katya’s idea of having me face away until she was right beside me was a perfect way for me to see her for the first time.”

Betsaida: “The Proposal was a complete surprise. It was our 2 year anniversary and Daniel took me out to to a rooftop restaurant for brunch, Penthouse 808, which has a beautiful view of midtown Manhattan. Daniel had gotten up to ‘take some pictures’ and just as dessert was arriving and I started yelling “babe dessert is here, come on” and I was looking around for him and when I turned back he was down on one knee, I still didn’t realize what has going on until he pointed to dessert plate which had the ring and writing that said “Will you marry me?” I immediately said yes and started crying but was still so surprised, everyone in the restaurant cheered. It was one of the best moments of my life.”

Daniel: “The Proposal almost never happened. On our way to the restaurant with the ring in my pocket we hit major traffic making us arrive late to our reservation. Upon arrival the hostess lets me know that I’m late, that I’ve lost my reservation and theres no more seats available for the day. Thankfully, the manager saw how desperate I was and managed to find us a table.”

Betsaida: “Listening to my sister’s beautiful voice singing “At Last” as I walked down the aisle with my mom and brother. I also loved Daniel’s vows, they really moved me and reminded me of how lucky I am to have him in my life. We both loved our first dance, the song we picked is actually sang by Daniel’s cousin, Luis Miguel Del Amargue, and the words of the song “Tiempo Para Amar” were just perfect.”

“My youngest sister, Jazmin, was the officiant, my sister and MOH, Sling, sang as I walked down the aisle. My older sister, Cristina, read a small passage about love. Daniel’s brother Dayvis, live streamed the wedding ceremony on Facebook in a private page and was also the DJ for part of the reception. We also had our home hairdresser/friend do hair for the wedding party. We loved how our closest family & friends came together with their talents to make our Day so special.”

Daniel: “Betsaida is always trying to match my silliness. I’m the one who’s always joking around, play fighting, acting a fool, saying the most craziest things and Im always smacking her butt at any chance. But when Betsaida tries to do the same as I do, she doesn’t really reach my level of funny and thats whats always gets me laughing.”

Betsaida: “I feel loved by Daniel all the time, is all of the little things he does that make me feel loved. He never forgets
A birthday, our first kiss, our first date, etc.. and always does something sweet for me on those days, flowers,
Dinner, dessert, gift, you name it. But what I appreciate the most is when he does things to help me that I don’t ask him to do,
Clean the entire house while I’m away, clean up the kitchen when I fall asleep on the couch and then take to bed. His is always
There for me and I count on him for anything.”

How did you stay on budget while still getting the wedding of your dreams?
“We monitored our budget, and we were willing to cut our any unnecessary items. For example, we wanted a Perico band but ended up cutting that out and just made sure we included it in our music playlist. We wanted the starlight dance floor but it was not a “must” for us, so we cut that out too. We were able to reduce our decoration budget by over $2,000 by just eliminating anything that felt extra and was not going to take away from the overall feel and aesthetic of our wedding. We were clear about what we wanted and we were realistic about what we could afford. We evaluated our options carefully.”

Any regrets? What would you do differently, if you could?
“Make sure that the DJ has the correct music and playlists! the DJ played the wrong version of the song we were supposed to perform our dance to and Danny and I had to improvise a lot. I would choose a different dress to change into for the reception, something shorter, although my dress was beautiful it was long and it made it a bit challenging to dance although that did not stop me one bit.”

Advice for future Brides/Grooms?

“Enjoy the process because it does go by quickly, start shopping early to give yourself time to return stuff and make adjustments as necessary, feel free to personalize your wedding it will make your day that much more special. We could not imagine having our wedding without including the people we love the way that we did, they really helped make our wedding unique and special.”

Betsy & Danny – thank you for sharing your insanely amazing wedding with us!!!!! You two are incredible people and we’ll look forward to you coming back. Frozen cocktails & deep-fried avocado slices at Pearl!!! xoxo The Nova Arthouse Team. 

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