Stunning Couple, just as beautiful on the inside. Rob & I were really looking forward to Xiomary & Brian’s wedding because we felt such a great connection over our email exchange, and also because this was our first time photographing at Playa Blanca Beach club in Punta Cana. (This place is very special to us because we just bought our first home a couple of minutes away from this paradise!)

We LOVED every moment spent with Xiomy & Brian … and we ‘stole’ some pretty magical moments, especially despite the rain!

 Xiomy: “Brian and I met in the Air Force. It was always easy to talk to him and I really looked forward to coming to work when he was around. He was kinda my boss but not really since I was almost done with my contract and heading out the door. After I separated from the Air Force, Brian texted me asking me if I wanted to come over for a beer tasting (I had once told him I didn’t like beer because of the way it tasted). When I got to his place he had an assortment of all different types of beers he had bought so I could try and see what I liked. I actually ended up liking the porter, which surprised him a lot. I guess he counted that as our first date! I fell in love with Brian when I went to Puerto Rico with him for the first time. We weren’t serious at the time but we had some extra cash and decided to take a surfing trip down to PR around my birthday week. You learn a lot about a person when you travel with them! Brian is adventurous, funny, caring and he’s one of the only people in this world I can spend an entire week with! He showed me that there could be a second chance at this crazy thing called love. He makes me look forward to the future and getting old with him. I cannot wait to see where life takes us.”

Brian adds, “It’s during that trip to PR that I saw a side of her I had never seen and truly fell in love with her. We realized then how much we had missed out on each other our whole lives while we were walking along the sand in Isla Verde. My two other most favourite memories were when we saw a sea turtle while surfing at Playa Jobos and walking down Paseo de la Princesa in San Juan.”

westin hotel wedding

Top three things Brian loves about Xiomy: “1. Her smile (I can feel the love in her eyes) 2. Her heart (she has an amazing sense of what is most important in life and is the most genuine person I have ever met) 3. Her kiss (it takes me back to when we first fell in love every time our lips meet).”

westin punta cana weddingpunta cana wedding flowers

Top three things Xiomy loves about Brian: “1. He always puts us first no matter what. 2. His sense of humour (he can always find a way to make me laugh) 3. He takes care of us in every sense of the word.” 

westin hotel punta canawestin punta cana weddingpunta cana wedding groomsmenFirst Touch at Westin Punta Cana before heading to church…
westin destination weddingpunta cana westin wedding

Iglesia Nuestra Senora del Pilar in Punta Cana Village. unique punta cana wedding westin

Brian on the Proposal:

“It was even better than I had originally planned it… Immediately after getting the ok from her father I booked tickets for us to San Juan PR to stay in the same hotel when we first visited PR together. Luckily the ring was already made and in my possession so the plan was a go. I called the hotel and got the concierge to put a flower arrangement of white roses and orchids in a back room for me to grab once I was ready. She had mentioned that one of her best friends from college was a photographer in PR and that she would like to have some photos done by him sometime in the future. I casually asked what his name was and contacted him prior to use leaving for PR. He was more than happy to document my proposal! Unfortunately, the day that I had planned to propose there were several storms that passed through so we had to push it back to the next day. I originally wanted to propose at sunset but her friend had to shoot a wedding that evening. So, I decided to propose at sunrise so the beach would be empty and hopefully there would be good light and no rain. God was with me the next day as I woke up at sunrise, snuck out of our bed and went downstairs to get the flowers. I pulled one rose out of the arrangement and wrote a note to Xiomy saying “wear the dress I laid out for your and take your time getting ready. Meet me at the place where you first fell in love with me at sunrise. I love you and I’ll see you soon.” Luckily the photographer showed up on time and we were all set when she walked down the beach to meet me and say yes!”

punta cana church weddingcatholic church punta cana

Ideal day together: “Up early to grab a quick breakfast before going for a short surf together after sunrise. Then back to our villa to shower and “relax” before going on an excursion of Xiomy’s choice. Then to San Juan PR for a nice dinner and maybe some night life before returning to the outdoor lounge area of our villa to relax and hold her while we listen to the ocean. We’ve already had this day but we’d repeat it in a heartbeat.”

punta cana village church wedding

Such a beautiful church in our new neighborhood: Church Nuestra Senora Del Pilar (Nuestra Senora del Punta Cana Iglesia)

punta cana catholic wedding

Most romantic memory together according to Xiomy: “The proposal is one. The other is when Brian came back from deployment. I hadn’t seen him in 6 months and when I finally saw him, in my mind I thought I was going to want to just hug him and be with him. It was different; it felt as if I was cheating on him with another person because I had gotten use to his voice and had forgotten what it was like to have him next to me. The weekend he came back home, he took me to the mountains and we literally reconnected in every way. It was like having our first dates all over again. It was very special and I’ll never forget it.” 

punta cana wedding photographers

Most romantic memory together according to Brian: “Hands down, the proposal!”

punta cana playa blanca wedding

Here’s the lively team behind Novella Event Planners, Carlota & her girls!
novella punta cana wedding

A little rain on the wedding day … can only bring luck!playa blanca punta cana punta cana weddings

Xiomy: “If Brian had magical powers, he would teleport himself to the beach every morning, catch some waves and teleport himself back to our house, take a shower and only then go to work.” 

bodas playa blancaplaya blanca destination weddingunique punta cana weddings

Brian: “I am happier, more in love, and stronger than I have ever been because of Xiomy.” 

punta cana beach weddingscreative punta cana weddings

Xiomy: “With Brian by my side, I’m happy and I look forward to getting older now.” 

punta cana bride westin hotelplaya blanca weddingdestination wedding playa blancaplaya blanca punta cana weddingsweet lab cake santo domingo

Xiomy’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “Oranges and watermelon. Also, rice & beans!” 

Brian’s favourite thing to find in the fridge: “Greek yogurt. Also, Xiomy’s Mofongo!”

playa blanca boda foto

First Dance: “Then” by Brad Pasley + salsa song “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” by Marc Anthony.

playa blanca wedding partypunta cana playa blanca venueplaya blanca wedding party

Our dearest Xiomy & Brian … THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for treating us like family and putting your faith in us! You two (and Braidan!) are such a warm-hearted, loving, good-to-the-core people!!! Would you please come back and visit us, we always welcome you with open arms!  xoxoxoxo Katya, Rob & baby Zion. 

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