Lisa & Henry didn’t care one bit that Caribbean rain clouds sprinked on their Wedding Day, it was still absolutely perfect. Nothing could get in the way of that emotional First Look, Chinese wedding games (like passing roasted seaweed mouth-to-mouth!), drinking with their parents, and … streaking right into the ocean!

Yeah. This is a reaaalllly good one!


1) What inspired you to have a destination wedding?
“We have a big family and it’s really hard to have everyone in one place at the same time. A destination wedding was the best way to get everyone together on a family trip. And some of us REALLY needed a vacation. A week with our favourite people on the beach and unlimited amounts of booze?…HELL YES!”


2) How did you pick the right venue?
“We knew we wanted a beach wedding, but we didn’t really know which venue to choose at the beginning. Then I saw Katya’s “Destination wedding 101: Everything you need to know” blog and photos of Jellyfish through Instagram and KNEW that this would be the place to celebrate our love. You know that feeling you get when you pick your wedding dress, when you know it’s “The One”? Yea, that’s how we felt about Jellyfish. Jellyfish was “The One” for us.”


3) What inspired your colour palette / decorations / any DIY elements / any unique details or traditions?
“I couldn’t decide on Blush or Lilac so I chose both! To add a special touch, we wanted hints of Red to be included too since it was Henry’s favourite colour but also to represent love and happiness from our culture.”



“We met online on the OkCupid app… Henry messaged me first and actually insulted me which sparked an answer from me instead of ignoring him. I spent all day thinking about a witty comeback and I never came up with one… so I messaged back in defeat, haha. Our conversation didn’t end there…we talked for hours, then video calls on skype, and finally, him commuting from Brampton to Toronto to see me. Overtime, he changed the way I thought about so many things, and so many fears that I once had, Henry put at ease. We went on a few dates and the rest is history!”

What are the top three things you love about each other?
Lisa:“I love the way he puts me first and his embrace – when he hugs me it’s like all my problems disappear and there’s nothing else in the world that matters other than him and I.” 


Henry:“Her big smile and all her little dimples, how clumsy she is and her personality – I love that she’s really a kid at heart.”

Lisa on the Proposal:


“Henry lied to me and told me that we were going to take a photo shoot with his friend’s car early in the morning! and I kept thinking this better be one hell of a car for me to wake up early and take photos with. As we drove there, we happened to “pass by” a sunflower field and Henry asked me if I wanted to stop for a minute. HECK YES DID I EVER?!?! I LOVEEEEEE sunflowers, they are so big and colorful, full of life and happiness. But then he drove into the property and I became more agitated because we didn’t stop at the front to ask the owner… we were essentially trespassing. Little did I know, he had already pre-planned this with the owner. Of course I wanted photos with the sunflowers, so he set up the camera (he was actually taking a video!) Down on one knee goes he went!! Que … waterfall and inability to speak … I love to relive this moment over and over again.”

Lisa:“Henry has so much love for me, even when I’ve given up on myself. He’s constantly encouraging me, supporting me and giving me love and kisses in all aspects of my life. With him, I have what I thought I would never have and my heart is so full because of him.”

Any special wedding surprises?
“Yes! We were surprised by our Best Man, Maid of Honour & cousin with a live show of them singing and playing on the ukulele to S Club 7’s “Reach”. The performance was one of our favourite highlights of the night.
We also surprised everyone with games of our own. We wanted to include some of our cultural traditions and played some Chinese “Door Games”. Some of the pictures captured by our amazing photographers were priceless!”

Henry:“She is the jelly to my peanut butter, she makes my life sweeter and I know she will always have my back.”

Island Life Experience

“Brides! Other than your wedding dress, everything else doesn’t really matter. You don’t really need those Jimmy Choo heels, or $200+ veil and accessories. You’ll probably only wear them once and they’ll sit in your closet. I got my veil for less than $30 on Etsy and I loved it! It’s actually going to be used by my girlfriends for their weddings as ‘Something Borrowed’.”



Fave moments / images and why?

Our First Dance: That moment when you realize the night is almost at an end but at the same time, the party is just about to begin! This moment was just us, surrounded by everyone we love under the stars. So magical ????
Dance with Our Parents: Moments like these we cherish and neither of us has ever actually danced with our parents! So this was a first, and most memorable thus far. I can’t look at these photos without having all the feels. When we first saw the photos on our Premiere, I got all the goosebumps and then came the waterfall!
Island Beloved: We LOVED this experience and it was SO fun! How often do you get to enjoy the ocean (at one point, even naked(!) before I changed into Henry’s shirt) with the love of your life AND have someone taking one of a kind, once in a lifetime, photos of you?! BRIDES/GROOMS, you HAVE to do this!!! We highly recommend it! The experience was so intimate and special; we’re so glad these moments were captured for years to come.”
Lisa, Henry, we absolutely adore you and look forward to having you back for a visit!! By then we’ll perfect homemade pho! xoxoxo Nova Arthouse Family.  
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