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Jen & Steve Bebb of Bebb Studios hosted Vancouver’s first SmugMug meeting this past Wednesday, and I felt so lucky to be a part of this awesome beginning. The crowd was great, and it didn’t take long for the cozy room to start buzzing with warm words and sincere handshakes. Jeff of SmugMug opened the floor by introducing the community spirit and cracking a few jokes 🙂

Thanks Jen for your inspiration to blog my season’s favorites… And what a challenge to boil them down to 15!

This is my favorite hands down. My best friend is getting married on my birthday…

bw bridal vancouver wedding photosI usually abstain from calling anything ‘epic,’ but this photo really has been, for my business.

katya nova vancouver weddingsIt was pouring outside. Buckets, cats, dogs & all. We were is an old barnyard and Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ was playing on my boom box. It was wild.

nova bridal vancouver photographerThis shot was taken moments before the First Look. Koranne gave me more pizzaz than I could have even hoped for, and rocked it out like a true Nova Bride.

bride on wedding day vancouver portraitPaige floated about like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn. So much grace and poise. It was starting to rain and we were about 5 min running distance from shelter, but Paige didn’t even stir, trusting that I would get the shot. Soon. The wind was blowing pretty heavily to the left, so I had my assistant Kemi pull the veil to the right and then let go so that I could catch it in mid-air!

couture bridal photography vancouverRob and I were having a conversation through the half-open door, as I was looking for good light. This is what I saw when I glanced over – and couldn’t resist. In fact, the first frame I shot only had ‘lieve’ visible, so I had to nonchalantly push the door a bit wider – to reveal the sign hanging above the bed of one of his groomsmen 🙂 And could the light get any more perfect?!

groom getting ready bwNot a new concept by any means, but it was so spontaneous and fun! After a ‘french’ picnic of baguette, cheese, olives, and … champagne, we kicked off our shoes for some fun in the fountain. The setting August sun was tastefully diffused by the trees…

fun bridal day after photo sessionOk, the secret is out – I love giving a bit of direction and making it look like I’m catching my subjects in a more or less candid moment. Kathy looked so elegant in the white robe, so I asked her to go hang out at the foot of the bed… In the few moments of experimenting with the width of the space between the shutters, the whole gang of bridesmaids gathered behind me, curious to see why I was kneeling in such an awkward spot. ‘Awwwwww,’ I heard from them in unison – they were snapping away too! 

bride getting ready wedding photographerI love the flare. And the love. This photo was taken the night before their wedding – this was the sunset marking the beginning of a new journey together. Did I mention I loooove flare?

engagement photos with flare vancouverThe sun hid for a few seconds for me to catch this shot. The air was heavy with the promise of rain. I shouted out ‘runaway bride‘ to Sarah just before releasing the shutter. The old Ukrainian-German farm was also amazing…

black white blidal field nova photographyI just love what’s going on. Not even sure how, but I convinced them to cozy up on the bed! As I looked around the room, I noticed a Marilyn Monroe calendar. Done! 

unique engagement vancouver photographerClean-up on aisle four!!! Not quite… But we definitely made the day for a few bored Sobeys employees. 

day after creative session vancouver‘No worries, I’m insured,’ I chuckled nervously, as Kristina and I made our way up to the second floor of this abandoned farmhouse. Every step creaked and squeaked, and I kept repeating in my head … ‘please don’t scream if you see a mouse, please don’t scream if you see a little mouse’ – all clear, we were safe. And it was so worth it! This photo was one of my favorites, we found this antique violin case…

edgy bridal portraits vancouverI think this is the kind of a moment little girls dream of when they imagine their dream wedding day. I love the energy of the shot. I was up at the front with them, and realized the bride and groom had turned around and were quickly walking towards the church front doors! I don’t think I tripped anyone… but I busted my butt to make sure I got to the door first!

wedding ceremony black whiteHana created this magic all by herself. So inspiring. Doesn’t she make you wonder what it is that she’s seeing out of that window?!

bridal portraits nova katya All brides are graceful. Seriously.

candid bridal photography vancouver

Katia Vaisman

I love all of them baby!
Except I don’t think you should be allowed to boil it down to only 15…15??? It must be impossible for you to chose and we don’t get to see much MUCH more of your hidden art!

I love the photo with flair and the feeling in the one of the couple leaving the church together, so beautiful! 🙂


Love love love! the Marilyn Monroe calendar pic.

These images are BREATHTAKING! I just love every single one and not sure if I could even choose a favorite! FABULOUS!!!!

Destiny Plante

I love the last one “all brides are graceful” – I felt like doing something like that when I was being rushed into the car and someone was being unruly to you. Love the memories, even if they’re not always mine!

Thank you for posting your top 15! Really great work. Love so many of the images. I really reading your play-by-play for each shot….really enjoyed this post!

Katya Nova

Thanks Erika! Sweet!

Your work is stunning and inspirational.Thanks for sharing.

Katya Nova

Thanks Scott! Your work is great too!

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