We met in the lobby and connected in relaxed laughter over iced coffee & Amaretto (omg how did I not know that’s a thing?!) They told us about their super cool home back in Edmonton, about how N flies planes, and J has a gorgeous new tattoo. We told them how much we miss Edmonton and what it’s been like living in the Caribbean (we haven’t seen snow in a few years, we’re almost always barefoot, we miss ketchup chips & we miss some of our favourite people!)

The session you’re about to see actually took place over a quick 30 minutes before they jumped on a plane back home! I absolutely love the old-growth palm trees next to the hotel (Rob & I are always scouting the perfect places for intimate sessions!)

I want to tell you how beautiful and rare their love is … but the images will do a much better job at conveying that.

N + J, can’t wait to see you back in Canada when we come for a visit in summer! xoxo K+R

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