I was really looking forward to a day with the Schultz sisters. I first met them at the Dine for the Cure fundraiser a few months earlier, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to capture their timeless talent and youth. 

I would have loved to say that I was the one ‘playing it by ear,’ but Samantha and Emily were the ones who did, literally! My favorite moments of the shoot came when I found gorgeous tall grasses of St. Albert Botanical Gardens, and motioned them to take turns ‘hanging out’ there with their guitar and percussion. I crouched, breathless, as they improvised a duo… Right there, in the tender setting sun. 

The Schultz sisters are magical. I’ve never seen sisters smile at each other so hearily … so lovingly. As if there is a tiny secret exchanged every time they do. Check out their amazing music at!

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Just beautiful Katya!!

Wow, your entire blog is just amazing! Such fantastic work. I could have spent hours looking through every post.

Your images have such a distinctive mood and spirit… it’s one that I don’t see all that often in the work of portrait and wedding photographers, but when I do, I am always blown away!

Wowowowow! Just lovely, rich, creative, inspiring!

I can’t wait for the next post!

These are great! You captured these sisters in a way that I feel like I know them – excellent – they must be so happy with these images!

Wow, fabulous images. I love how you found such amazing light over and over again.

[…] A few months ago I had the pleasure of documenting the passion and talent of the Schultz sisters, Samantha being the rising star with an incredible voice and drive to share it. Check out our lifestyle shoot HERE.  […]

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