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Hannah & Zion are getting married this coming Sunday and we’re surprising them with our favourite images from a recent Beloved engagement session we did on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, our hometown.

What a gorgeous couple they are. In every way. Hannah & Zion met just over four years ago at a BBQ hosted by a mutual friend. Hannah remembers: ‘the first time I saw him was while he was manning the grill and after that day we spent the next few weeks texting each other. About a month later, my friend invited me to a masquerade-themed fundraiser and I invited Zion to come. He agreed, but because he was from Chilliwack, BC and only in Edmonton to study, he confessed he didn’t have any formal wear and also that he didn’t know what to wear to this event…so, I kindly offered to help him shop!’ Their first ‘date’ involved walking up and down Whyte Ave, hunting for his perfect party outfit while getting to know more about each other. Since then, they had begun frequenting the 24-hour Tim Horton’s coffee shop on campus (because it accommodated their 4+ hour-long talks and their mutual love for coffee)!

‘Throughout the past 4 years, Zion & I have grown together and grown to love each other as our life goals aligned and have taught each other in many ways,’ Hannah shares.

On lazy Sundays, you can find them at a cozy coffee shop talking, discovering new restaurants or just watching a TV show in their pj’s while Hannah crochets or knits. 🙂

On the phone, before meeting up, one of the ideas I suggested was for them to bring a picnic or something fun like that to share durning the session. Hannah just happened to have recently received a gift of this super cool traditional picnic basket – so they went all out! I totally have a crush on this picnic basket. 🙂

You know, another one of the million things I’ve missed about shooting in Edmonton is… the amazing summer sunsets. It’s 9 pm and the golden rich glow still slowly dances around the shadows. It’s heavenly. We just never quite get this kind of delicious flare in the Caribbean! 

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